"Julienne was professional, knowledgeable and always communicated with us, even if it was just to tell us she hadn't received a reply from the [other agent]. Julienne was the third Realtor to represent us in buying a home and the only Realtor I would ask to represent me again!"

- Lorraine C. - Buyer

"Julienne was a great Realtor to work with and always followed through. I would definitely use her again and suggest her to others."

- Jessica F. - Buyer

"Julienne Ritter did a great job in marketing and selling our home. She marketed it locally as well as nationally and found a wonderful photographer to showcase our home. She went above and beyond in finding us a new home as well."

- Janice W. - Seller & Buyer

"Julienne was very helpful and friendly. She made us very comfortable [and] answered all our questions."

- Allan H. - Buyer

"Julienne was incredible! She helped me and my family find the perfect home with patience and caring. She took us to look at many homes, kept in constant contact, and was available any time to answer questions, day or night. She helped guide us through the loan process, was considerate of our budget, and cared more about helping us find the right home than closing a sale. I would recommend Julienne to anyone who needs help purchasing a home."

- Rachel B. - Buyer

"Julienne did an excellent job of helping us find a home. She was very knowledgeable and was quick to respond to any questions. I highly recommend her to anyone looking to buy a house."

- Shane & Staci W. - Buyers

"Julienne was easy to work with. Patient with some of my questions and exploring a multitude of possibilities. Had some great ideas and input that helped my narrowing down all the variables. I feel she could be a great help to anyone looking for a house like I was."

- Melvin S. - Buyer

"Julienne is awesome! She helped me sell my home in Albany and buy one in Salem. She is personable, flexible, thorough and very responsive. I would highly recommend anyone looking to buy or sell to seek out her services."

- Fay R. - Seller & Buyer

"Julienne is the best, I would refer her to all! She advocated [for us], knew a lot, and was very nice. She is AWESOME!"

- Yvonne & Lalo D. - Buyers

"Enjoyed working with Julienne when buying out first rental property and then again buying the second. We recommended Julienne to our daughter when she wanted to buy. Will recommend Julienne again."

- Ellen G. - Buyer

"Everything Julienne did, she did way beyond anything we were expecting. She had our hearts in her hands and helped us to get absolutely the right home for us. Julienne patiently guided us through the process and this was a rough journey for all of us."

- Henry & Kimberly H. - Buyer

"When we first started house hunting in Oregon, we met many real-estate agents that were not really interested in showing us new construction homes. Most were too lazy or had better things to do. We started to go to open houses on our own. We meet Julienne Ritter at an open house in Salem. She showed us ever new house in that area. She really loves real-estate, and it really makes a big difference. Without Julienne we would not have found our new home. We really appreciate all her hard work."

- Bobby & Wen C. - Buyer

"Julienne is the only real estate agent we'll ever use in Oregon. No reason to even look further for anyone else. we are over-the-moon happy with Julienne and trust she'll take care of us 100% always."

- Bert J. - Buyer

"Julienne was fantastic. She sold my property that was 2 acres with an older manufactured home. This was not your typical residential sale. She clearly has extensive knowledge regarding acreage sales and all of the specialized considerations. Julienne was professional, knowledgeable and always demonstrated her dedication in selling the property. She is fantastic. I would highly recommend her."

- Sheri H. - Seller

"Julienne made our home buying process less intimidating and was super knowledgeable. I can be a bit demanding and she always came through for us. We really enjoyed getting to know Julienne and will miss speeding over to a house to meet her after work. Thank you Julienne!

- Liz S. - Buyer

"Julienne Ritter would be the only Realtor you should consider. Any questions or doubts one might have would be covered properly by her involvement."

- Dr. Edward L. Bender - Seller